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We strive to make a difference by helping our fellow community members to experience healing. To continue to serve our community we need your help!

We would be honored to have you leave us a Google review. This helps others to feel comfortable taking that first step towards better health. 

"First acu experience was more than I can ask for! Great care and understanding of what ails me. Learned a lot about myself too!"
"My 2nd visit and I learn something every time about my body. Don't hesitate to get yourself on the correct path to healing yourself. Dr. Wang is awesome!"
I always feel like I can live until 100 after my appointment!
Always an amazing and beneficial experience. 100% holistic!!
It is simply like coming back to life


Dr. Catherine is such a healing spirit. She pretty much saved my life. She is so knowledgeable, compassionate and organized in this field of medicine. I felt so safe and comfortable. Worth every penny and Health is Wealth. Thank you so much Dr. Catherine.
Great well-being supportive! Takes care of physical and emotional interconnected areas.
Worked with me and knows my body. She is patient, understanding and intuitive. She utilizes her instincts.
Knows how to work with me for maximum effect. We worked together on the same goal. I have a part to getting better.


Love this clinic, and Dr Catherine! I've been a patient of hers for the last 7 years (since she was located in the ID), and have received exceptional treatments for everything from pain following orthopedic surgery to emotional support through difficult times. In addition to her skills as an acupuncturist and healthcare professional, Dr Catherine has created a truly healing sanctuary at Clarity Wellness Center. Highly recommended.


If you are on the fence about coming in to Clarity Wellness, or even just about Acupuncture in general, I suggest you make that leap. Clarity Wellness is a safe space to land and I know you will see relief.
I bring in my children, husband, and any family member I can because I know that Dr. Catherine and Chris will help them to feel better and live a fulfilled life!
I can't thank Dr. Catherine enough for the work she has put into my healing process and the support she has given through it all. My life is forever blessed by her and this clinic.







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